Roulette française

It is believed that Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, invented the current roulette wheel in the 17th century. The first zero was introduced to the roulette wheel in 1842, providing the casino its first edge since the game’s inception. Therefore, French Roulette might be considered the original form of the game.

As the game gained popularity across the world, casinos in the United States increased the house edge by adding a zero. The single zero in roulette is still in use in contemporary France. It is speculated that the French people felt the edge was too large in favor of the casinos, prompting the development of further benefits that made the house edge even lower.

La Roue Française

The numbers 1 through 36 and a green 0 are spread over the wheel’s 37 numbered spaces. As we continue to spin the wheel, the colors of the numerals will change from red to black.

The sum of the numbers on a roulette wheel adds up to 666, the biblically-referenced “number of the beast.” The reputation of roulette as “the devil’s game” stems from this.

French Roulette: How to Play

French Roulette is quite similar to American and European roulette, but it offers several unique betting options. Some of the possible wagers in French Roulette include many-bets-in-one, making the game slightly more complicated than American or European Roulette.

Although not all of the French Roulette bets are immediately obvious, the variety of wagers available helps to keep the game from becoming stale. French Roulette is the next step for the jaded roulette player looking for a fresh challenge.

The betting round in French roulette is detailed in the instructions below. Players can make stated bets (also known as “called bets”) if they place enough chips on the table to cover the bet, similar to the bet sequence in European Roulette. Knowing the betting words can assist you interact with the croupier (dealer) in a live casino scenario.

How to Play French Roulette

Initial Action: French Bets

Bets are placed on the layout, which differs somewhat from the European Roulette layout. Learn the French terminology for the wagers. Passe means “even,” but “Impair” means “odd.”

For the even-money wagers, players need to know only six phrases, so picking up the lingo only takes a few spins.

The Second Step: Make Public Bets

Bets must be made publicly by announcing the wager. For Tiers du Cylindre, for instance, make sure to lay down enough chips to cover your wager.

A quick announcement of a bet is made possible by the unusual titles given to announced bets. Again, learning only a handful of French terms will allow you to place stated bets with ease.

Third, bet whatever you can afford.

Keep in mind that the full/maximum/complete wager is actually 12 separate bets rolled into one.

That’s why it’s so much simpler to make this wager public; just shout the whole amount you’re willing to wager. Saying “Complete Bet on 7” or “7 to the Maximum” to the dealer indicates that you are placing the largest possible wager on the number 7.

Step 4: Launching the Ball

The croupier fires the ball into the cylinder and announces “No More Bets” as the ball starts to fall into the wheel. Do not dispute if the dealer overrules your late bet or if he or she announces a bet.

Collecting Losing Bets (5th Step)

When the ball lands in a pocket, that’s the winning number. When a player loses a wager, the dealer will take their chips first. Only the winning wagers are now remaining.

Step 6: Winning Bets Are Rewarded

Payouts to successful wagers come next. Multiple winners are paid out in French Roulette due to its high number of possible winning combinations.

Don’t touch your chips until the croupier hands them to you, even if you win.

French online roulette play

The called bets in French Roulette might seem daunting at first, but the game is well worth the effort for high rollers and seasoned gamblers. If you’ve never played French roulette before, practicing it online will give you a feel for declaring your bets when you play the real thing. French Roulette is available for online wagering at most casinos, allowing players from anywhere in the world to try their luck.

French Roulette with a Live Dealer

There has been a rise in the popularity of Live Dealer French Roulette at online casinos. Unlike with virtual roulette games, you may have a conversation with the croupier when playing live dealer French Roulette. Videotaped roulette spins are broadcast live in casinos with live dealers. As a result, you may play French Roulette in the same manner as at a land-based casino.

Gambling on French Roulette

All of the regular bets available at every roulette wheel in the globe are available in French roulette, plus a few others. There are two more rules unique to French roulette that you’ll discover here. The many wagers available in the game and their corresponding regulations are detailed below.

Internal Wagering

Inside bets are those placed on specific single-digit outcomes. Each wager may be placed on a single number or a group of neighboring numbers. Some instances of inside betting are:

In a straight bet, you place your wager on just one specific number.

Bets that are divided between two different numbers.

A corner bet is one in which four numbers are covered simultaneously.

Advice: The odds increase with the amount of digits you cover, from 35:1 for a straight bet to 8:1 for a corner bet covering four numbers.

Away-Game Wagering

The term “outside betting” refers to wagering on a combination of numbers rather than a single number.  In French roulette, some examples of outer bets are:

Even money wagers on red/black and odd/even numbers.

Payout for a bet on a column covering 12 numbers is 2 to 1.

Bets that are “called” or “announced”

Here is where you’ll wager on where on the roulette wheel the ball will stop.  The ‘French Bets’ are a popular type of wager. This wager comes in three varieties:

All the numbers from 22-25 on the wheel are known as “neighbors of zero,” or “voisins du zero.” You can place a total of nine chips on these numbers as a split, corner, or trio bet.

Le Tiers du Cylindre, which translates to “thirds of the wheel,” designates the ten digits that are diametrically opposed to zero, specifically the twelve digits that fall between 27 and 33. You’ll need to place six split bets to cover these numbers, so this wager will cost you a total of six chips.

Orphelins means “orphans” in French, and refers to the eight digits that weren’t included in either of the two prior wagers. For a total of five chips (four splits plus one more on the 1 slot), you may represent eight numbers.

French roulette has its own set of rules.

At a game of French roulette, you can discover one of the two sets of rules below.

When the ball lands in the zero slot and you have a wager on a red/black or odd/even chance, the “En Prison” rule kicks in.  If you follow this guideline, your bet will be held for the subsequent round. Your money will be refunded to you if it lands in the winning slot.

When the ball hits on zero and you’ve placed an even money shot, the La Partage rule applies (similar to the En Prison rule). In this situation, you’ll get your initial bet plus 50 percent more.

Margin of Loss in French Roulette

In French roulette, the house edge shifts based on the wager. Betting on any proposition other than “even money” has a house edge of 2.70%, whereas betting on “even money” reduces it to 1.35%. When put in context with other casino games, this is a major plus. The house edge in American roulette, for instance, is 5.26%.

Our advice is to play French roulette if you have the option.

The Best Live French Roulette Casinos

Choosing the correct live French roulette casino is crucial if you want to take advantage of deposit bonuses with favorable wagering requirements. You’ll get the betting limits you want because not all live dealer casinos provide a large variety of bet limits.

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BetOnline: Betting Caps and Rewards

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Betway: Betting Caps and Rewards

The current betting limits at Betway Casino are between £2 and £100,000. Live dealer French roulette gamers can use this and their bonus to meet the wagering requirements and play for free.

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